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May 12, 2022

Don't Forget These Traditional Marketing Methods

Digital marketing describes techniques focused on the internet and cellular communications. With so many people using computers or phones to shop and research products or services, it seems like a no-brainer to place your marketing eggs in that basket. However, digital marketing isn't the only effective marketing technique.

You still need to think of more traditional methods to optimize your income stream.  Visit The Growth Tactics to share business tips, gain inspiration, and find motivation to succeed in your small business!


Coupons remind prospective and current customers or clients of your business. They also make people feel as though they're getting something special. You can offer coupons exclusively to new customers or clients or to everyone. Fortunately, you can turn this traditional marketing means into a more modern solution by providing these coupons online, not just in print.


Billboards are large posters that get the name of your business out there. If you strategically choose a location with heavy traffic, it can be a highly effective marketing strategy. People may think back to that billboard whenever they need your service. Billboards can reach a large number of people at once and expose your company to those who don't have the internet or don't browse online for businesses.

Yard Signs

You may think of yard signs as an advertising gimmick common during elections, but you can use this technique to reach people who aren't online or who may never come across your ads online. Yard signs can pair well with any digital marketing plan since these signs are easy to create and individualize. You can even print on both sides, so you reach people traveling both ways on that road.

Survey Past or Current Clients or Customers

Before Google Analytics, marketing research surveys were the only way to determine how clients or customers found you. You can still use this research method. Send emails or letters asking past and current clients how they heard about you. You can even ask clients or customers in person how they came across your business. Knowing how most clients or customers found you allows you to focus your marketing efforts in that direction.

Hire Professionals

You can save money when you handle your website, logo, business cards, and any other area of your marketing yourself. However, you may lose money in the end if you don't create professional-looking products that effectively target your market. By hiring professionals, you receive the highest-quality results that have the greatest impact on your business.

Create a Business Card

A business card acts as a physical reminder of your business. It's more permanent than an email and can provide a longer-lasting impression. You can easily design one online using a business card maker. Merely add color, text, and images to personalize it.

Use Multiple Marketing Techniques for the Most Success

While digital marketing is essential, it helps to use various marketing methods, including traditional ones, to increase exposure and potential success.