The Growth Tactics is an online community for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s a place where professionals can share business tips, gain inspiration, and receive the motivation needed to carry on during testing times.

The GrowthTactics was born in September 2020. Considering the world was in the middle of a pandemic, and the economy was nosediving, this might not have seemed like the best time to launch a new platform.

However, The Growth Tactics was created in response to the chaos. Small businesses across the country and beyond were hit hardest by the pandemic. After speaking to many small business owners at the time, we quickly realised the main issue. These businesses had great potential. Their owners were enthusiastic. Yet they didn’t have the business know-how to keep their operation afloat.

This was when we decided it was time to make a change and help struggling businesses fight back against this unprecedented situation. While it wasn’t possible for us to support every company by purchasing their products, we knew one way in which we could help everyone: by developing an online community that helps small businesses thrive despite the challenges they may face.

One of our own challenges was to ensure The Growth Tactics wasn’t only fixated on business. Yes, members of the community will learn business tactics and strategies, but they also learn about personal growth – hence the name. Our philosophy is simple: when you don’t possess a growth mindset, your business isn’t going to thrive.

Our community is all about everyone supporting and learning from each other. When surrounded by like-minded individuals, it’s a lot easier to receive the encouragement and knowledge to implement the growth tactics for your business to succeed.

- Ainsley Fagerström, Founder

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